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Divorce With Heart and Conscious Co-Parenting

Experience Divorce and Co-Parenting challenges from the wisdom of the heart. With Gina as your guide, you will feel more synchronized, balanced, and aligned; and through the journey of heartbreak, you will transform and rediscover yourself.

Gina merges empathic intuition, ancient healing techniques, and legal insight with topics on co-parenting challenges, child custody, divorce, and legal process, to help you make better choices and create a happy, healthy life.

You don’t have to have a broken family, and you don’t have to endure pain, anger, frustration, stress, and overwhelm. Instead, you can invert the paradigm, experience what you desire, and protect your children and your future, with Gina’s guidance.

Call in or text your question to 1-716-388-4085.  Don’t journey through heartbreak and co-parenting alone, partner with Gina, to rebuild and transform your life.

Oct 7, 2019

8 months ago, she was getting married... She was a stay at home mom of a beautiful little at home was good, going along as planned. 3 Months ago, life changed. She was out on the street, no money, no job, no fiance, and about to embark on a "battle" for custody. The break up was like getting hit with a Mack...

Sep 30, 2019

Did you know your thoughts and feelings are transmitted in your conversations and through your interactions, even when you're not aware of them. That's right. When we interact, we not only convey and transmit intended information and ideas, we also convey and transmit subtle information that we may not even be aware of....

Sep 16, 2019

Access schedules, sports, instruments, homework, activities, vaccinations even.... all these things come to mind when I think about communication and back to school. What do you do when your communication is strained? What do you do when you can't talk to your Ex or STBX? How do you navigate all that needs to be done...

Apr 22, 2019

If you're like most people in the midst of a breakup, it can feel like your world has been turned upside down. It can feel like your guts have been ripped out of you. It can feel like you have no sense of control and like you're just spinning further and further out of control. Good news ... first, you're not alone....